ISC Connection 7 – Press release

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Who loves Nascar? Are you from the south?  Then I already know you love Nascar, not to say that people from the North don’t enjoy it, but let’s be honest, everyone in the south loves Nascar.I am going to also assume than that southerners love their Blue Collar Comedy, so what sounds better than combining the two you ask, relax, let me explain.

In a press release found on Charlotte’s Business Journal webpage for Charlotte area press releases I came across this little nugget of information that will allow the south to rise once again, or at least at 52nd running of the Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte Motor speed way.

On May 29th, comedian and Blue Collar Comedy star Larry the Cable Guy will be the honorary pace car driver for the opening of the race.

This event connects personally to me for a few reasons, first is when my parents were in town this weekend we visited the Nascar Hall of Fame found right here in uptown Charlotte, i told you northern enjoy Nascar to. And in my strategic communication class we have discussed the proper elements and format for writing a well written press release.

I throughly examined the press release and found that it had all the necessary elements that Dr. McArthur taught us were needed, the article was newsworthy, it contained a leed and boiler plate, there were nourishing quotes.

Once i determined the news release to be up to par, i thought what great topic to write my final blog of the semester on, wrapping up a illustrious career in the Knight School of Communication at Queen University of Charlotte.

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ISC Topic 6 – Charlie Sheen

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If there has been a public relations bomb recently it has in the shape of Charlie Sheen. The long time actor and current lead in Ame

rica’s number one sitcom, Two and a Half Men, has been behaving quite inappropriately, making comments that have gotten him in trouble, and abusing drugs publicly causing him to check into rehab.

Sheen’s 20/20  interview with Andrea Canning found Sheen discussing his intentions to sue CBS for canceling season nine of Two and a Half Men, the cancellation came after Sheen’s continual presences in the news headlines for outrageous behavior. Claims of violent drug use and antisemitic slurs toward the shows creator caused him to pull the plug on the show, after it had all ready been suspended so Sheen could deal with personal issues.

When asked about his drug use Sheen said, ” am I on a drug, yeah, it’s called Charlie Sheen, and you couldn’t handle, it your face out melt off, and your kids would be crying over your exploded body”, take from that what meaning you will.

I think it is pretty clear that there is a significant drug problem for Charlie, though he has claimed to have cured all of his addictions with his mind, now the only addiction he suffers from is “winning”. Doesnt sound like to bad of a addiction to be suffering from it were truly the case, but Charlie is not winning. He is out of work for problems he has caused, is looking so sue but a poor public image will not help in case in court, and his continued problems that are plastered for the public to view are going to catch up to him, until he will no longer can find people who will want to work with him.

In class we talk about brand image and the Charlie Sheen brand image was tarnished before, but at what point does the public give up on a continual loss?

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ISC Connection 5 – Opening day for Dodgers

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After the Los Angeles Dodgers opening day game against the San Fransisco Giants in early April, a fight broke out between a Giants fan and a group of Dodgers fans. The fight left Giants fan Bryan Stow in a coma, and authorities looking for the assailants, offering a reward of $100,000 for information leading to the arrests of the men.

This event will likely have implications far beyond the bad publicity for the Dodger Stadium and organization. It remains to be seen what implications this event will have on attending base-ball games at Dodger Stadium.

This story relates to the material we were discussing in class concerning crisis management. I said in a previous blog how it seems as though public relations really prove them self when it comes to crisis management, and how they implement the crisis management plans were likely in place. I know Dr. McArthur stressed the great lengths organizations go to plan for even the seemingly outrageous possibilities. My guess would be that this event was discussed  in detail.

The crisis is basically over for the Dodger organization, they are still dealing with things like the scrutiny that baseballs fans will want to feel safe while attending games. But in regards to the crisis we say the Dodger organization, reduce the offense in the manner that it was a unruly fan, evade responsiblity for the attackers actions, and has apologized to the Stow family. They are now in the process of taking corrective action by firstly, increasing security for upcoming game to rebuild that credibility of safety to the stadium.

How deep this event will affect the organization it yet to be seen, but if a wave of sport fan behavior like this continues it I wouldn’t find it surprises if we see some limitations put on the sales of alcohol at sporting events.


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ISC Topic 4 – Major League Lacrosse

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ISC Topic 4 – Major League Lacrosse team in Charlotte

IF the NFL appears to be an unstable organization, then take a look at Major League Lacrosse. The league started with six teams in 2000, by 2006 four more expansions had grown but 3 original franchises had moved to new cities or folded completely. Lacrosse is a rapidly growing sport, more so on the east coast but steadily heading out west, needless to say the market for lacrosse fans has not reached the point league directors had hoped by this point in its development.

Good news for Charlotte residences though is that one of the expansion plans to start operations for the 2012 season. Another expansion is in the works for Columbus, Ohio.

There are two distinctly different ways lacrosse is played. There are two organizations which represent the two sports, one is Major League Lacrosse and the other its National Lacrosse League. Major League Lacrosse is the field version of lacrosse being played out side on a field size comparable to football, but with different lines and boundaries. The National Lacrosse League is the box or indoor version of lacrosse where participants play in an arena which is comparable to a hockey rink with no ice.

I think that Charlotte would be a great city to house a MLL team, I come from an area where the sport of lacrosse dominates over football and basketball, and i see potential for Charlotte residences to continuing to pick up on the game and support a professional franchise.

 I made the connection between this information and what we are learning in class because I became aware of the expansion through a press release found on, a very reputable site in the lacrosse community.

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ISC Connection 3 – NFL Lockout

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ISC Connection 3 – NFL Lockout

After federal Judge Susan Nelson lifted the lockout held by the 32 NFL owners, it seemed as though all was back to normal and fans could begin their anticipation for the upcoming season. But the owners were quick to appeal the decision by Judge Nelson and it appears that team operations will continuing to stand still while the appeals court reviews the decisions. Analysts expect the appeals court to rule in favor of the team owners, returning players and owners to negotiations.

The lockout started over a dispute between owners wish increase the length of the regular season by three games and the players association disagreeing with the owners vision. Increased cost of organizations  operations have inflated beyond what salaries and ticket sales can sustain. So basically, the owners want to add games to generate more revenues but don’t want to increase salaries to compromise.

I can’t say I blame the athletes for wanting to be compensated for their increase in performance. But at what point do athletes need to consider the fans ability to attend games, increased ticket costs have continually been an issue for all major sports. The increase in tickets costs is have an indirect effect on ticket sales.

I was watching one of my favorite shows on ESPN, The Herd with Colin Coward, when he made an interesting point about the NFL player culture in general. He mentioned that about 10% of the NFL players are rich and 90% well, are not. When I thought about this, I agreed that much of the NFL players are likely not likely the extravagant lives we may be led to think. But when we see athletes on television shows like MTV’s Cribs, and you see a wide receiver with a gold covered bath tub and a lime green Armani suit, you find it hard to feel bad from them when they show up in the media broke.

I do have respect for the players who plan financially for life after sports. And this is why I believe there is a legitimate argument for a portion of the players association who are not looking for increase in salary, but the benefits that will assist those who sacrificed their body playing the game, and look for some compensation towards the mounting medical bills.


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ISC Connection 2 – Michael Vick

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ISC Connection 2 – Michael Vick on the cover of Madden 2012

A bracket step over the last month to determine who fans would want to see on the cover of Madden 2012 football has concluded. The final round came down to Philadelphia Eagle’s Mike Vick, and Cleveland Brown’s Peyton Hillis.

After being released from prison and returning to the NFL after serving time for operating a dog fighting ring. Micheal Vick returned to have a breakout season regaining the starting quarterback stop from teammate Kevin Cobb. Vick’s comeback was almost capped off with being awarded the MVP trophy but finished seconding in voting to New England’s Tom Brady.

Vick’s possibility of posing on the cover of Madden Football 2012 would not be his first time on the cover, but none the less has caused some debate over the internet whether this is a good idea or not. The debate is not whether or not he is deserving of the honor, but some people question whether it is to early to hop back on the Vick band wagon.

Personally, I feel like he repaid he debt to society, he understood he was wrong for doing what he did, and most importantly appeared to show remorse in the litigation process. Perhaps even more important, was his dedication to returning to football. People around Vick have mentioned how he has truly made the changes necessary in his life to become a different person. He changed his entourage, limiting who he allows to influence his life now.

I believe Michael Vick’s public relations people had a strategic plan that evolved not just rebuilding credibility to the Mike Vick brand image, but had the vision to put him back in the good graces of public opinion enough to have him considered for a significant honor, considering where the Mike Vick reputation was no so long ago.

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ISC Connection 1 – Cam Newton

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ISC Connection 1 – Cam Newton Qb Camp with John Gruden

Now unless you have been living under a rock since the beginning of fall and the college football season, you have a clue about the rumors concerning Cam Newton and Auburn University football. In a recent installment of ESPN’s Qb camp hosted by John Gruden, Cam Newton was in the hot seat while Gruden drilled him with questions concerning how he would deal with a variety of situations he may have to deal with in the NFL.

A question by Gruden asked Newton, “what do you say to when the critics are barreling down you, saying you were a bad draft pick, and you’re not going to be successful”. A typical answer would have been something along the lines of, ignore the critics and just play my game, something of that shorts. But Newton takes a turn into left field stating how he doesn’t care what people say and think, and he’s going to “do him”.

My concern with this interview is that, Newton is in the midst of a fairly substantial crisis, a claim that Newton’s father Cecil was trying to auction off his son to the highest bidder coming out of junior college. Texas A&M is at the head of these allegations stating that Cecil Newton asked for a cash payment of $75,000 to have his son play football for the Agies.

I know from my crisis management education that when dealing with the media in a crisis it is wise to follow some general principles. Principles such as be open and concerned, not defensive, which Newton appeared to be, defensive. Another principle is to not speculate, which Newton appeared to be doing when he answered a question with a response that seemed imply a sense of guilt.

Basically, I am wondering where Cam Newton’s public relations advisor was when they were preparing for possible questions that could arise, and more important how not to come off to the media. Newton is likely to be the number 1 pick in the 2011 NFL draft, you would think someone in his sport agents office would be in charge of managing his reputation best as possible.


Seitel, Fraser P. “What Is Public Relations, Anyway?” The Practice of Public Relations. 11th ed. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall/Pearson, 2011. Print

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